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What is Zunum?

Zunum is designed to be unique among restaurants in The Woodlands, offering more than just lunch and dinner.

The Woodlands has been growing and evolving for more than 30 years. The master planned community offers a unique suburban environment complete with nearly everything required for “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Unlike any other major city, The Woodlands has more trees than people, more parks per household, and more miles of pathways than just about any other city out there. So if you want to create something unique, The Woodlands is a great place to do it. And if what you want to create is a unique restaurant, all the better.

Zumun The Woodlands

Because when it comes to restaurants, The Woodlands has more than 400 places to grab a bite to eat, all of the standards places and varieties you might expect to find in most major cites. Sure there’s Chili’s, IHOP, Saltgrass Steakhouse and Pappadeaux’s along with a plethora of other restaurants offering everything from breakfast to late night tacos – not to mention all the counter service and drive thru window burger joints. Many of us are becoming bored with the world of franchise restaurants, no matter which store you visit, it’s the same decor, the same menu offering the same selections. It’s up to the kitchen to prepare them correctly so that the flavor comes out the same way in the various dishes which sadly, is infrequent. Zumum hopes to change that by bringing an updated version of the family restaurant to The Woodlands.  While the idea of having a restaurant with a play area for the kids is not new (see McDonalds & Burger King), those venues also offer food that is kid friendly as well. Kids can be quite happy with food made by kids but most adults prefer something better than the standard grill fried hamburger with mustard, ketchup and pickles. Zunum is not Burger King or McDonalds and definitely not fast-food either. The menu at Zunum has some familiar titles with some unique twists on the various entrees so be sure to read the menu carefully.

The word “Zunum” is derived from a Mayan term “Tzunum” meaning “Hummingbird.” Developed by the owners of multiple restaurants and bars in Houston, they wanted to bring to The Woodlands a different type of restaurant never before seen. It is different than anything here in The Woodlands – or the greater Houston area altogether. More aptly described as a world of it’s own, the Zunum World tries offer something for everyone, young and old. It’s not so much that it’s mysterious, it’s just that it’s difficult to describe without the risk of pigeon-holing it into something that it’s not. The restaurant offers a discrete birthday party room and a lounge type area and table seating for the adults to relax or enjoy a meal while the kids play.

Zunum attempts to offer guests a unique experience with something for everyone. This new dining venture has completely renovated the space on Research Forest Drive from which Casa Rico’s vacated in 2011. Zunum occupies some 5,000 square feet allowing for it to evolve while offering complete immersion for it’s visitors. The open dining room is adjacent to a secure, children’s play area complete with XBOX and Playstation setups, play structures and a padded floor. The toddler area is rated for ages 6 – 24 months and the junior play area is for ages 2-12. The play area is supervised and affords sound proofing from the dining area.

Zumun The Woodlands

We’re really looking forward to seeing if the fruits of all these labors will create and maintain a steady customer base. Zunum promises to be a place everyone wants to go, to relax and enjoy, a place where young and old agree without anyone having to compromise. Will it live up to the hype? We’ll keep you posted!


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