The Music of Queen

Posted by Janet Werner on April 23, 2012 in Concerts |

The Music of Queen… A Royal Performance!

Brody Dolyniuk

The multitude  braved the early evening storm, skeptical that Brody Dolyniuk, the vocalist performing in Freddie Mercury’s absence, would be awash when performing the Music of Queen. Long before he even got to Bohemian Rhapsody, the crowd was crowning Dolyniuk the heir apparent.

Self-taught, with no formal training, Dolyniuk, is an entertainer of immeasurable talent. Not only gifted with a great voice, and adept at playing several musical instruments, he brings the showmanship expected of the ‘front man’ of a rock group.

Frequent visitors to Las Vegas are probably familiar with Dolyniuk’s classic rock band, Yellow Brick Road, which took the Vegas strip by storm. On the Pavilion stage with Dolyniuk was an equally accomplished band  supported by the Houston Symphony’s 50-piece orchestra.

Conductor Brent Havens, not only conducted, but majestically arranged the Music of Queen, as did he for the rock symphonies of Led Zeppelin music, the Doors, Pink Floyd, and the Eagles, which was performed last season.

The naysayers who chose to stay home missed a royal performance. The exit poll said Dolyniuk nailed it! One diehard Queen fan, Judy Easton, said “Brody Dolyniuk was awesome, just awesome!”  Not surprisingly, the most frequently used word in the poll…AWESOME!

Janet Warner

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