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Posted by Janet Werner on June 25, 2012 in Reviews, Woodlands Events, Woodlands Texas |

Cannon featured in "Abraham Lincon: Vampire Killer" at premier in The Woodlands at Cinemark Tinseltown.

One of the stars of the new film “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” attended the premier at the Cinemark  Tinseltown Theater in The Woodlands. Featured in the film was an authentic reproduction, fully functional, U.S. Model 1841 6-Pounder smooth bore cannon, measuring 65” and weighing approximately 1850 lbs.

The cannon belongs to the Confederate Reenactment Group, 1st Texas Light Artillery, Battery K, (Polk County Flying Artillery), Cleburne’s Division / Lowrey’s brigade…a Civil War reenactment unit that participates in living history weekends, Confederate grave dedications, and the Memorial Day Ceremony at the Houston National Cemetery, as well as school education. Their cannon can be seen in the movie firing onFortSumter, and for lucky movie goers Saturday night, could be seen in person. The cannon is touring the Greater Houston area during the showing of the movie.

On hand in civil war military uniforms were Private David Walters (in reality, USAF Retired Tech Sergeant), Private Mark Koen, Corporal Wade Nail, and Powder Monkey, Austin Koen. (Austinis a certified powder monkey from the CleburneAcademy.) The cannon is one of two purchased by Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1275 for Battery K’s reenactment programs. For more information about the 1st Texas Light Artillery, Battery K, or to donate to maintain the artillery in order to perpetuate the history of the civil war, go to The 1st Texas Artillery.

The cannon can be seen in the movie firing on Fort Sumter. Private Mark Koen also played a small part in the film in one of the battle scenes. Although “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” is fictional and far-fetched, it’s receiving surprisingly good reviews for acting, direction, cinematography, and in general, for being a good thriller. Movie-goers are encouraged to see the film, but unfortunately the caisson kept rolling along, and has now moved to another theater.

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