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Posted by Woodlands Traveler on November 1, 2010 in Reviews, Services |

After having Heaven’s Best come out to clean the carpets a few months back, it was that much more apparent something needed to be done about our white living room furniture. And in an effort to provide variety to our readers, we decided to give a different company a try when it came to the upholstery. We decided on ProSteem, a local, independent carpet care service company in Magnolia, Texas.

Showing up somewhere in the neighborhood of the appointment time is an easy way to gain bonus points with us, and technicians Alfredo and Leo were right on time. Both gentlemen were extremely courteous, taking time to identify the fabric covering our sofa, lounge and chair and discuss the various methods of cleaning available to us. While we had initially assumed they would be steam cleaning the furnishings, we were mistaken. Turns out that steam is not the best choice for our 100% cotton Ikea removable covers. To be clear, the error was on my part; as the saying goes, ‘you know what happens when you assume’.

Both technicians were extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of the process; the guys explained the breakdown of chemicals that are involved in dry cleaning, and how they would effect and react on the material. One of the considerations we needed to take was that we had several stains of unknown origin. If the stains were oil-based, like food or makeup, then the dry cleaning chemicals would have a fairly good chance at removing them. If, however, they were acid-based stains – and with pets, the possibility was certainly there – dry cleaning chemicals would not only not clean the stains, but could actually darken them. Finally, because Maxim Fine Fabric Protector is petroleum based, it would effectively ‘seal’ the stains in, all but eliminating the chance we’d ever get them out if we machine-washed the removable covers. After a little more discussion, we decided to wait on the dry cleaning as well.

We ultimately decided to have them do some spot-cleaning and vacuuming on the furniture. Don’t we vacuum the furniture ourselves already? you ask. Well, so did they, as a matter of fact. And yes, we do, thank you very much. We actually have a Dyson™ Animal vacuum, which, if you’re familiar with it at all, you know is an incredibly superior piece of machinery. But it can’t hold a candle to the truck-mounted vacuum equipment ProSteem has! Taking care to not drag in any debris or the inevitable pine needles with their equipment, Alfredo and Leo got after the furnishings in tandem. While one was working on stains, the other was vacuuming. Between them both, they ensured they cleaned every nook, fold and cranny and were done in no time at all.

This was actually the second time we’d used ProSteem; they’d been out to clean the carpets almost two years ago. They had done a fantastic job then, too, eliminating stains, and restoring the carpets to that like-new look. At that time they exhibited the same courtesy, consideration and care they showed this time. And what’s more, they’re competitively priced and affordable. The bottom line? We would gladly recommend ProSteem to anyone for carpet or upholstery cleaning. And… we’ll remember to check the fabric care labels in the future. If you’d like to have ProSteem clean your carpet, tile, oriental rugs or upholstery, or perform any carpet repairs or re-stretching, give Prosteem a call at 281 259 6000. Be sure to use our exclusive coupon when making your appointment!

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