Fans get their ‘Nickel Back’

Posted by Janet Werner on October 16, 2010 in Concerts, Reviews |

All I’ve heard for weeks was how disappointing Nickelback’s performance was last year at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, focusing more on being a band misbehaving badly, then putting on a rock concert, but Nickelback fans are among the most dedicated given the turnout at the Pavilion Friday night (10-15-2010). The Canadian rock band’s provocative lyrics and onstage persona is what differentiates Nickelback from the rest of the pack, thus their presence begs more tolerance from their fan base. Fans returned this year in droves, hoping to get their money’s worth (or their money back, however you prefer to interpret it.)

Primarily a hard rock group with post-grunge roots, over their fifteen years (since 1995), Nickelback has branched out into pop and country. Not so much for the purpose of attracting niche markets, but because of their renegade spirit. Friday night’s playlist was a diverse cross-section of their body of work. Lead singer & rhythm guitarist, Chad Kroeger, was true to his roots, ‘settin’ them up ‘ and serving shots after the fourth song, but without stepping over the line. Mike Kroeger on bass guitar,  Ryan Peake, rhythm guitar, and Daniel Adair behind the drums, all shared equally in backup vocals…another thing that sets this band apart.

To their credit, Nickelback has sold 30 million records worldwide, six Grammy Award nominations, a previous recipient of the World’s Best Selling Rock Artist at the World Music Awards (2006), and as recent as 2009, ranked 7th on Billboard Magazine’s list of Artists of the Decade…both the highest-ranked band and the highest-ranked rock artist on the list. Billboard Magazine also named Nickelback as the Adult Pop Artist of the decade; impressive since they’ve been around since 1995. The credits go on and on, and accolades of this magnitude deserve a second chance.

Offering up nothing new since their aptly name “Dark Horse” album released in 2008, and coupled with a ‘bad boy’ legacy, a band who derived their name from the nickel in change that band member, Mike Kroeger gave customers when he worked at a Starbucks, frequently saying “Here’s your nickel back,” the fans Friday night definitely got their ‘nickle back.’

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