Lounging at the Lagoon

Posted by Janet Werner on June 4, 2012 in Concerts, Music, Recreation, Woodlands Events |

Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band were ‘lounging at the lagoon’ until the crowd traipsed over from the block party to join them. Both the Pavilion stage and the attendees were decked out in island regalia, as the party set sail for Margaritaville.

No one has more fun at Buffett’s concerts than he does; telling stories and jokes in between songs. And no one has to encourage audience participation. Buffett’s energy and enthusiasm keeps them on their feet and dancing in their seats.

Most of the 11-member band has toured with ‘The Pirate’ for almost a quarter of a century, and no one less than a decade. In addition to the usual musical instrumentation like guitars, drums, and a keyboard, they also include a pedal steel guitar, trumpet, steel drums, and a wide assortment of percussion instruments. Especially noteworthy was vocalist, Nadirah Shakoor, whose beauty and voice would launch a thousand pirate ships.

It’s not my intention to recap the entire setlist, but naturally the song that sparked this whole cultural phenomena, “Margaritaville,” was on the list as well as mega hits “Come Monday,” and “It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere.” But if you want to view the “Lounging at the Lagoon” tour in its entirety, go to http://www.buffettworld.com/archives/2012-lounging-at-the-lagoon/06-02/ Accompanying the music were beautiful island videos as a backdrop. Each song was embellished with beautiful cinematography. Makes you wonder why we eek out the day-to-day grind, and don’t just sail off into the sunset.

Noticeably absent were children. I bet you couldn’t have found a babysitter within a 50-mile radius. There could have been a few kids in the lawn seating, but I didn’t see any. Nowhere did I read this concert was PG rated, and there are plenty of songs with zany lyrics that children would enjoy, but it’s as if the sell-out crowd collectively agreed the children should stay at home. And I agree. This is one time mom and dad got to be kids again, dancing in their grass skirts with parrots on their heads. I’m sure if the little ones had come along, mom and dad would never be taken seriously again.

This annual trip to the islands is why Jimmy Buffet’s concerts are a sell-out. It’s an escape from the daily stress of the job, the political climate; whatever ails you. The next time he sails through The Woodlands, throw a few things in a bag and book passage. The trip will do you good.


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