Jerry Built Burgers

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Jerry Built Homegrown Burgers

They’re From Here

Jerry Built Homegrown Burgers are definitely homegrown. Most of their ingredients are organic, including most of the condiments and according to their website, obtained localy when available. Jerry Built is always fresh, and committed to sustainability. Originating in Houston, this burger restaurant should be a boom to local farmers and suppliers.

It was opening weekend and the parking lot was crowded. The line looked daunting, but they had a large staff on hand and the line moved quickly. My order was written right on the bag to ensure that it was prepared accurately. I ordered the ¼ lb burger with Ernie’s sauce and creamy jalapeno cheese on thier fresh-baked bun. I had them add lettuce, tomatoes, & jalapenos…all at no extra charge. I couldn’t make up my mind to order crinkle-cut French fries or the crinkle-cut sweet potato fries, so my order taker suggested a combo. I’m glad I did as I was able to sample both, and never having eaten French-fried sweet potatoes, I actually liked them better than the traditional fries. You get a big box of fries which is a bargain at $1.99. The price of the burger might be a buck and a half more than the national chain stores’ deluxe burgers, but a buck and a half lower than you would pay at Fuddruckers.

Now on to why I dropped by this organic, homegrown, sustainable hamburger restaurant. I have this chronic problem that occurs if food has been off-temperature or ill prepared. If there’s a trace of bacteria in the meat, I’ll know within just a couple of hours of eating it. I’ve learned to detect the early warning indicators and have to pop the antibiotics before the chills and fever set in. I’ve had too many problems with burgers from the franchises, so I’ve had to avoid them. I didn’t have room after finishing the burger and fries, but definitely noticed that the ice cream served in their shakes, malts, and floats, was Blue Bell ice cream…no whar but Texas!

Every one of the Jerry Built employees must have had extensive training in friendly. They were all smiles, and no less than five stopped by to check if everything was OK. Unbeknownst to me, one was a business partner. Brooksy Smith (one of the five partners) said they source seasonal ingredients from local and regional farmers during each harvest, from their freshly-ground brisket and chuck, daily baked buns, and including the crinkle-cut fries. I asked if there are plans to open up more restaurants, but he said not right away. This is not a national chain. He said they don’t want to rush their expansion, and there were no plans to franchise the business. There are only two restaurants…one in the medical center area, located at 3501 W. Holcombe, which just opened in February, and this new one north of The Woodlands Mall next door to the Container Store.

It wouldn’t be a grand opening without a balloon artist and he was fast and efficient. I mention this because my only complaint had nothing to do with Jerry Built Homegrown Burgers, the food, or the balloon artist. It was the adults who allowed their children to run through the restaurant with their balloon swords and light sabers, oblivious to the fact that the children were interfering with the staff performing their duties, and the other patrons who were trying to enjoy their meals. The children were not only sword fighting each other, but even turned on staff members. There’s a place for this kind of behavior when the parents don’t want to bother controlling their children…the ‘kiddie cage’ at McDonald’s or Chick-fil-A. I’m sure after the grand opening there won’t be swords and light sabers to contend with; and hopefully children who’ve been fed a steady diet of bad burgers (and who wouldn’t know a good burger from a bad burger) will want to go back to the other locations where they can be incarcerated.

I loved the Jerry Built Homegrown burger and had absolutely no repercussions from it. I’ve finally found a good burger I can safely eat, and I like that there from here.

author – Janet Warner


Jerry Built Burgers Review

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