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Gourmet Store on The Waterway

The Woodlands has a gourmet grocery store adjacent to the waterway district. Why a grocery store near the waterway, you might ask?

Good question… The answer to that question might be gleemed from the fact that the fancy shmancy store also features a gourmet restaurant as well; and that’s not all. H&H, as it’s locally known, began with 2 executive, french chefs on staff who prepare all of the food – doesn’t matter if you get it to go from the deli, or the bistro, it is sure to be delicious.

Sources tell us that there will be a few everyday items on the menu, much of it may very well be rotating, or at least, adjustable… That is to say, the chef’s will be utilizing items from the fresh, daily deliveries to the market to create meals for the day so variety sounds like a definite thing for this restaurant.

In addition to the fresh meats, including dried meats, fresh seafood, walk-in cooler full of adult beverages, the location offers a culinary school – Viking Cooking School holds classes on the mezzanine level.

hubbell & hudson the woodlands

Want more? How about an overhead private parking garage with an elevator to transport guests directly to the store or even the sidewalk outside? The bistro features an exterior patio for dining during nice weather along with an outdoor fireplace for cooler weather. The Hubbell and Hudson Bistro is not the only, nor is it the final eatery to be offered along the waterway, from coal fired oven pizza and burgers, to a wine bar with a rooftop dancefloor. Crush Wine bar offers yet another unique venu for The Woodlands. More about Restaurants in Town Center.

Have a look at Natural~Specialty Foods Memo (2008).

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