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Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning The Woodlands

Have you ever found yourself in a total time crunch to get the house looking top-notch? You know the drill, your husband comes home from work on Friday evening and proclaims, “oh, by the way, mom called on my way home; she and dad will be here Monday afternoon, you’ll be home, right?”

If you are like most of us, you don’t think about having the carpets cleaned until a moment like that… and then you start to contemplate how many area rugs you can pick up over the weekend before the mother-in-law realizes on Monday that you really do care about her opinion. But it turns out there is a better option, and it probably won’t cost you as much as half a dozen (or more) area rugs, either.

We met Darrell Arrant of Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning at a recent event held at the new Creekside YMCA sponsored by The South Montgomery County-Woodlands Chamber of Commerce. He, like us, is a recent addition to The Chamber, and as such gave a mini-presentation introducing his company to those in attendance. One of the things he mentioned that stuck was the fact that his service is unique in a surprising way – ‘your carpets will be dry in an hour’.

Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning The Woodlands

Most of us can relate to the arduous task that is getting your carpets clean. You rearrange the entire house for the better part of a day or more, dragging all the furnishings you can move and/or fit into the portions of the house you don’t plan on getting cleaned. Then after waiting around for the carpet cleaners to show, and waiting around for them to finish their job, and waiting around for them to figure out how much more they need to charge you for the job they only “soft-quoted” on the phone (e.g. “oh, sorry, ma’am, we didn’t know you wanted us to do the closets, too, those are extra…”) and finally, waiting around for the carpets to finally, finally dry – hopefully the same day, and good luck in our ever-present humidity – you get to haul all of your furnishings back where they belong, because heaven knows the carpet cleaners would have charged extra to do that for you, and besides, they weren’t going to stick around until the carpets dried…

So most of us don’t get it done too often. We don’t. Admittedly, it’d been over a year. So when we heard it could be done and dry, in an hour, we had to give it a try.

We made an appointment for 9:30, and sure enough, at 9:28 there was the Heaven’s Best van, driven by Darrell himself, in our driveway. He was accompanied by his associate, Tony. They began with a tour of the house, assessing what areas we needed cleaned, then immediately began moving furnishings around for us (not the giant entertainment center, mind you, but all the chairs and side tables, anyway) while carpet-raking the edges of the rooms to clear loose debris and then giving the entire rooms a thorough vacuuming. Next, Tony sprayed the carpet with Heaven’s Best signature 101 cleaning solution, which is safe for pets, children and the environment, while Darrell followed up with the carpet buffer. Anywhere we had a stain, Tony ensured there was a little extra solution to loosen the trapped dirt. The carpet buffer is fitted with specially designed absorbent pads which cleans and dries the carpet at the same time. After all the rooms had been cleaned, they groomed the carpet with the carpet rake, revitalizing the appearance of the carpets. And I never would have believed it had we not had it done ourselves, but sure enough, by the time left around 11:00, most of the rooms were dry, and we were back to business as usual by 11:30.

Darrell and Tony were prompt, courteous and careful with our furnishings and belongings. Darrell let us know that he did not charge extra for the hall or our master bath/closet area, either. He feels that it just doesn’t make sense to charge for these smaller areas, when everyone realizes they’re part of the job already.

So would we use them again? Absolutely. And would we recommend them to others? Absolutely. And keep in mind they do more than just carpet cleaning. Heaven’s Best also offers hardwood floor cleaning, rug cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, upholstery and leather cleaning and commercial floor cleaning as well – getting you back into business without interruption.

Give Darrell a call for a free estimate at 832 724-4985 or visit the website to request an estimate online.

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