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E & P Catering

Business Spotlight

Eleven years ago Jeff Paine and J. R. (Joshua) Brown had a dream. They knew they wanted to make people happy – and one way to make anyone happy is to feed them well.

It all started with the cheesecake. After receiving rave reviews on their cheesecake, they started selling it door-to-door at restaurants in the greater San Antonio area. Soon, patrons in those restaurants began asking for the recipe for the cheesecake, or at the very least where they could get one of their own. Then when fulfilling orders for cheesecakes, people asked for alternatives, for those with lactose intolerance for instance. That brought on the fruit trays. What came next is most commonly referred to as a ‘snowball effect.’

Jeff tells us, “People wanted the whole shebang. ‘If you’re bringing the desserts, can you cater the whole meal?’ they’d ask. And then if we were going to cater the whole meal, could we bring the linens and flatware, too? Or set up the dance floor?” But before they could completely dive in to such an endeavor, they would have to get their ducks in a row. Cheesecakes and fruit trays were one thing, full meals? Events? Enter partner J.R. Brown.

fresh fruit and cheese

J. R. got his inspiration for becoming a chef early on, while volunteering at a soup kitchen. Those early experiences laid the groundwork for a better understanding of the catering industry – a very different food service industry than restaurants. J. R. first graduated from hotel management school, then followed that up with culinary school. That combination of education and experience, along with Jeff’s background in working in his family’s restaurant for many years, create an all-encompassing umbrella of knowledge to E & P Catering.

E & P Catering and Event Productions, as the name implies, offers a full line of catering and event planning services. More than just a wedding caterer, E & P operates the corporate diner at Alliance Engineering in Houston, as well as offering a full range of catering services such as corporate breakfasts and lunches.

And just like their slogan says, “from hour d’ oeuvres to decor, we do more” E & P can handle your every event production need. The catering company can also assist you with your full decor, linens, tables, chairs and tents – and coordinating floral designs, entertainment, invitations at your location or theirs. E & P has their own cocktail lounge available for booking, and can recommend several wonderful locations in The Woodlands and surrounding area for your wedding, reception, rehearsal dinner or birthday, anniversary or business celebration. E & P is also the preferred vendor of the Belle Rose Maison just off of 1488 in Magnolia.

E & P Catering and Event Productions is able to produce a menu for your event from a wide range of cuisines and dishes, including Asian, barbecue, German, Italian and Mexican dishes, as well as a huge variety of gourmet American dishes. Whether you’re looking for a plated meal for an intimate affair, or a multi-course hand-served buffet meal for hundreds, E & P can do it all. Even special request and dietary needs are no problem for E & P, offering gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan dishes along with replicating your favorite restaurant dishes. E & P even offers TABC Certified Bartenders. The only thing they can’t do is share their recipes – those aren’t for sale (or free).

Salads E and P Catering

And for any of the services you’re needing for your event E & P doesn’t provide, such as fresh and dried floral arrangements, dee jay’s and live music performers and bakery services, E & P maintains a listing of trusted vendors with whom they have personal knowledge – saving you time and any “finders fees” by their direct contacts to those businesses.

E & P is locally owned and operated right outside The Woodlands off of Texas Highway 242. For more information on what E & P Catering and Event Productions can do for you at your next event, visit their website at EandPCatering.com or call them at 979 215-3999. Jeff or J. R. will be happy to set up an appointment whenever, and wherever is convenient to you.
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