The Dancing Queen

Posted by Woodlands Traveler on March 6, 2011 in Market Street, Music, Recreation, Woodlands Events |

It was a beautiful spring time day in The Woodlands, Texas.  The birds were singing, trees are starting to bloom and music was in the air….

No, really, the temperature was nearly perfect with a light breeze, low humidity and plenty of sunshine. The only problem (for me anyway), was that this particular song was plaguing my brain, you know how that is… Some tune you heard earlier in the day or the day before that just keeps repeating, over and over, and over…  so back to my story; we were just hanging out in Market Street and no sooner had we noticed all the people milling about (not that it’s not normal for people to be out enjoying the weather of course) then that song that I mentioned earlier…  was suddenly playing much louder than before… I didn’t quite understand what had happened, did I fall and hit my head or was I simply having one of those moments like you see on TV where they swirl the screen and then flash back to some other time when ‘anything’ could have happened?

So here’s my little flashback to the music of the late 70’s in Central Park (Market Street, in Town Center that is)… enjoy!

Flash Mob Central Park The Woodlands

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