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Posted by Janet Werner on November 18, 2011 in Woodlands Events |

The Container Store

The Woodlands Container Store held a private preview party last night and those invited could hardly contain themselves, most of all, The Container Store personnel. CEO and Chairman, Kip Tindell, who is also one of the founders, said that dancing is engrained in The Container Store culture, and dance they did! The Woodlands didn’t know what hit them! This was an afterhours event the likes we’ve never seen.

Just having opened a store on November 5, in Nashville, Tennessee, these people really know how to party on! To celebrate the opening of the 53rd store in their nation-wide chain, the acclaimed Fried Ice Cream Band was brought in to play non-stop for three hours, and the dancing never stopped.

The Fried Ice Cream Band is deeply rooted in Houston, but has played for public and private events across the nation. Vocalist, Sky Shepherd, has won Houston’s “Sammy Davis, Jr” Award as the Best R&B vocalist two consecutive years, and has 22 pageant titles to her credit (the first being “Little Miss Houston.”) Her father sang with Janis Joplin for years, and her mother played the harp for the Houston Symphony, so music runs through her veins. Shang, the other vocalist, is also a Houston resident from the 5th Ward. By the age of 17, he was touring Europe, and has opened for legendary performers like Al Green, Jackie Wilson, Gladys Knight, and BB King, and renowned groups like The Temptations and The Commodores. He’s also an honorary member of The Drifters.

The nine-member band is not only eclectic in ethnicity but diverse in musical genres. The playlist consisted of rhythm & blues, classic rock, and dance standards. Their instrumentation includes a guitarist, and bass guitar, keyboardist, drummer, saxophone, and trumpet, and they blasted the music to the far walls of the 25,000 square-foot store, their largest to date.

The refreshments were almost as diverse as The Container Store’s inventory of products, which numbers 10,000 products! The store will officially open this weekend;10% of sales on Saturday and Sunday will be donated to Interfaith of The Woodlands.

So there’s no longer any excuse for not being organized…the Container Store is here! They’ll organize your confusion; they have everything from heaven to amen. I’m going to look for the largest container they have, and I’m sure they have one large enough, to pack up that band and haul it to the next after-hours event.

author – Janet Warner

Fried Ice Cream Band

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