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Montgomery County Water Restrictions 2013

Most of southeast Texas is or was under a serious drought in 2012 and while we did get some much needed rain in the last few months of the year, a water shortage remains.
 Community leaders in The Woodlands have implemented water restricitons to help reduce the critical water shortage. Begining January 1, 2013 Homeowners here will be required to water just two days a week at most.

Conservation is key. The population in Montgomery County has grown so much in recent years that those living in The Woodlands alone used 7 billion gallons of water last year. All of that water coming from nearby area aquifers. “We are withdrawing or pumping more from the underground supply than is being replenished,” said James Stinson, the general manager of The Woodlands Joint Powers Agency. Stinson also stated that The Woodlands and Montgomery County faces a pending water supply crisis, and they’re trying to reduce water waste. One of the best ways, they say, is to educate the public, starting by convincing people that their yards don’t need as much moisture as they think. Fewer waterings in longer durations will help build a deeper root system while saving countless thousands of gallons over the course of time.

Conserver Water

Over-watering is the most frequent mistake The Woodlands’ homeowners make in lawn care. Too much water promotes a shallow root system and this causes grass and plants to be much more vulnerable to hot/dry weather. During hot and dry conditions, native plants require no more than one-inch of water per week. This should be done in one or two applications per week, which will allow water to soak deep into the soil and promote deeper root growth thereby increasing the lawn’s ability to withstand hot summer days.

A healthy turf requires no more than one, maybe two deep water applications per week if it doesn’t rain. So here’s the recommended defined watering schedule:

  • Odd house address water on Saturday and Wednesday
  • Even house address water on Sunday and Thursday

Don’t water at all if the grass doesn’t need it! It will cost you $50 for the first violation, $100 for the second, $200 for each additional. But those fines won’t be implemented till June so Montgomery County Residents will have six months of adjustment time before they will face those fees which incidentaly is when lawn watering becomes more prevalent.

Defined Watering Schedule for The Woodlands Texas

source: The Woodlands Joint Powers Association


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  • james hardin says:

    does this include commercial buildings

    • Woodlands Traveler says:

      Yes, the program applies to anyone with an automatic sprinkler system.
      (per the Woodlands Water District)
      The Woodlands Joint Powers Agency
      For Emergency assistance call 281-419-6303

  • Stephanie cart says:

    What if im having my yard re-sodded?
    It needs to be watered quite a bit at first?
    We had some fungus that destroyed it.

  • Robert K says:

    This irrigation plan makes no sense. For odd addresses 8pm Fridays to 4am Saturdays???? First, I am not going to start water my yard at 8pm at night that is how you get fungus and other diseases to start growing in your yard. The best time to start watering is at 5am and this water plan is preventing us from doing that. Here is how it should be: 8pm Fridays to 8am Saturdays or I would even be happy with just two days of watering both days start at 12am and end at 8am. You might as well not water your yards and let it die. Everyone in The Woodlands would love that. I wonder what that would do to property values and not to mention the red notices that the home owners association puts on your door when you are not properly maintaining your property. I bet someone sitting in an office making $100K+ a year came up with these stupid water times.

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