Christmas Light Displays In The Woodlands

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Christmas Light Displays
In The Woodlands

Where To See The Best Holiday Light Displays
In The Woodlands, TX

Christmas Lights can be found all around The Woodlands, throughout the Township’s communities and neighborhoods. Some of the best displays can be found in some of the oldest neighborhoods of Panther Creek, and Alden Bridge (See scenic drive in map below). Because The Woodlands is made up entirely of master-planned neighborhoods, they are ideal for Christmas Lights Displays. These are completely residential sites so the best time for viewing is between the hours of 7:00 – 10:00 PM. Looking at the holiday lights is a Christmastime activity that everyone enjoys.

holiday light displays to drive by in the woodlands, tx

Panther Creek

One of the best light displays we’ve seen in any neighborhood in The Woodlands, resides in the Creek Pines neighborhood nestled within the Village of Panther Creek. The neighborhood has a 12-year legacy for its holiday light display that honors the memory of a previous resident by the name of Cort Martin. Cort lost his life in an auto-train accident on FM 1488 in 2000, his senior year at The Woodlands High School. Looping around Tangle Brush Drive to Cape Chestnut Drive, you can enter Creek Pines at either end from Glen Loch Drive. The houses on the streets appear to have at least 85% participation, with a lot of the homes putting up a significant amount of lights and displays. This year, the homeowner at 8 Amara Court has coordinated his light display to several favorite Christmas tunes – eight to ten in all – which run about a minute apart. While you’re on the street, you can pick up the tune in your own car by tuning your stereo to 87.7 FM, though if the weather’s nice, it may be better to hear the music directly from their outdoor speakers. Here’s a video we shot featuring one of our personal favorites; Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24 by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Alden Bridge

The second of best light displays that we’ve seen so far comes from a subscriber to our Facebook page, who pointed out the Bethany Bend neighborhood where most of the neighbors have a giant candy cane marking their driveway. Though all the homes that participate have a candy cane, everyone seems to have a different idea as to how to decorate it; many are lit, but some are simply wrapped in ribbon or tinsel. The various lighting and yard decorating doesn’t exactly stick with a uniform theme, either; some of the more uniquely decorated have displays which involve both traditional manger scenes as well as jolly old Santa Claus. But because so many homes do decorate, driving through can be a feast for the eyes. Once you enter the neighborhood at Bethany Bend Drive, go left or right to circle around on Bethany Bend Circle. Many of the homes on Redland Place inside the circle also participate.

Also in the Village of Alden Bridge is a single street called June Breeze Place, which has a coordinated, Seussical, “Whoville” display. We first learned of the neighborhood through a follower on Twitter, where (according to another Facebook friend) one gentleman in the neighborhood carves all the characters out of wood and paints them. He reportedly matches them up to the children who live in each house on the street, with unique aspects such as if a kid is in the band, the ‘Whovian’ in their yard plays in the band too. Eventually, he plans to have one in every yard, but it’s a lot of work and will take time. The night we drove through, though, we didn’t get to enjoy the full effect as about half of the participating homeowners didn’t have the lights on. As the holidays draw nearer, however, we’re sure it’s going to be much more impressive.

Central Park

This is the first year for the Christmas Tree in Central Park (Town Center) to be synchronized with music and lights. The 70′ tree is dressed in more than 25,000 multi-colored lights and topped with a Texas-sized star. The musical tree will perform nightly throughout the holiday season at the top and bottom of each hour.

College Park

Our favorite musical, synchronized Christmas lights display in The Woodlands this year can be found in Harper’s Landing, in the Village of College Park. The Dodd Family Christmas consists of a synchronized music and light show featuring more than 20,000 lights, 278 channels of computerized control and 50 sequenced songs and spots that are clearly broadcast on 95.1 FM, so you can listen from your car. On weekends, there are speakers playing outdoors as well. The self-proclaimed “Crazy Christmas Light Guy” began building his display way back in 2001, but didn’t start animating it until 2005. He starts each season’s construction in mid-June, and starts setting up the yard before Thanksgiving. Check out the Dodd Family Christmas at 62 W. Knightsbridge Drive, The Woodlands 77385. The 2012 Hours are from 6:00 – 10:00 PM Sunday – Thursday, and 6:00 PM – midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. Check out their Facebook info page for the most current information.

Sterling Ridge

We found another house in the Village of Sterling Ridge on Player Manor Drive. While this house won’t win the most lights competition, the owners did a nice enough job.

If you’re looking more for Christmas light displays you can walk though while out with your family, kids or loved ones, there are of course the Township’s displays at Winter Wonderland on the corner of Six Pines Drive and Lake Robbins Drive, directly outside of the Ice Rink – as well as the musically-coordinated, performing Christmas tree in Central Park at Market Street – all in Town Center.

entrance to whoville in the woodlands village of alden bridge

Whatever you’re looking for in Christmas light displays in The Woodlands, with the variety of homes and businesses throughout the Villages, you’re sure to catch an eye-full anywhere you go; you just have to know where to look!

Chris Dodd reminded us that his friend Clyde, recently of Montgomery and now in Conroe, has a spectacular display up north. Master Elf Clyde Dearing has a 15-song show consisting of approximately 75,000 lights (give or take a light or two), pulling approximately 200 amps (all on), controlled by 512 Light-O-Rama channels, connected by over two miles of extension cords and controlled by a dedicated PC. Here’s a small taste of the Dearing Dazzle in Conroe:

Dearing Dazzle

The Dearing Dazzle – Christmas Eve Sarajevo

Did we miss your neighborhood, or one that you’ve seen in your wandering through the woods? Let us know and we’ll add it to our article. Impress us and we’ll take photos as well! Leave as much information as you can in the comments below, including street names, intersections, neighborhood names and Villages to help us get the article updated as quickly as possible.

Lake Windcrest

Lake Windcrest Estates in Magnolia, Texas – 4.3 miles north of The Woodlands on FM 1488 has at least one house with lights that are synchronized to music. There are several other decorated houses in the area; several of them are worth the 5 minute drive.

holiday light displays to drive by at Lake Windcrest, Magnolia, Texas

Synchronized lights & Music at Lake Windcrest on FM 1488

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