Charming Charlie…Simply Charming!

Posted by Janet Werner on May 15, 2012 in Business Spotlight, Market Street |

Charming Charlie Market Street

You snooze, you lose. I RSVP’d  on Monday morning to attend the Ladies Night Out function on Market Street at the new Michael Kors store, but they had already reached the ‘fill limit.’ I had hoped to blog about the event so I wandered over to Tiffany instead, but saw the warning sign, “Do Not Enter.”  Maybe it’s just as well. So I strolled about and took some pics around Market Street. Next thing I knew, I was at the opposite end of the spectrum at Charming Charlies.

This store is aptly named as everything about it is simply ‘charming.’ The color-coordinated displays are charming, as well as the crystal chandeliers, and so was the charming marketing & display specialist, Benedie, who greeted me when I went inside. As we say in Texas, Benedie ‘hails from’ Zaire, a far cry from Texas as it’s centrally located in the heart of Africa. On a world map it looks to be larger than Texas, which is hard to believe. Since I had planned on doing a blog on shopping, I asked Benedie to start by telling me what her name meant (“Blessing from God”), then show me the latest spring and summer trends.
Benedie pointed out a display she had just finished…a chartreuse one-shoulder, flowing frock accessorized with color-coordinated jewelry.  She added that the other dominant seasonal color is coral. She said clutches are back in vogue, and layering necklaces is popular. This provides an opportunity to wear last year’s purchases with a couple of new ‘to die for’ pieces. I was especially intrigued with the ethnic trend in jewelry, the Native American look, and African jewelry, including both Egyptian and tribal, that Benedie said is in the style from where she ‘hails’ from.
Hats are a must, not just as a fashion statement, but for protection from the sun.  Although brightly colored hats are charming, neutral colors can be worn with any ensemble. So choose wisely and get a hat that you’ll get a lot of wear out of.
New this year at Charming Charlies is “Charlie Girl,” their new line for preteens, which is mostly…you guessed it…pink. Pink in every shade…pale pink, bright pink, and the legendary Elsa Schiaparelli’s ‘shocking pink.’ Party girls dress to match the pink, stretch limousine for “Party Girls on the Go,” at the other end of Market Street. Charming!
I then stumbled over the mother lode, the corner of the store with the 50% off merchandise which they refer to as their “Curtain Call” area. Don’t miss this area for holiday stocking stuffers, girlfriend gifts, and networking door prizes.
Charming Charlies is a charming place where you’ll probably run into friends. Kay Hohman, the Chamber’s Vice President of Communications, and Legislative & Economic Outlook, Frances McDougal, wife of former district attorney Mike McDougal, and Susan Scruggs, owner of the Art Outlet, dropped by Charming Charlies after the Michael Kors LNO. We decided to sit beside the pool atop the Hyatt Hotel next door, and show each other our purchases while enjoying refreshments. For something totally unique, try the jalapeno & watermelon margarita. Like everything else last night…it was simply ‘charming.’

author – Janet Warner

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