Change for Charity

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Change for Charity

Market Street parking metere

Did you know that the parking meters at Market Street are actually voluntary? While you won’t get a ticket for a lack of ‘feeding the meter’, you are also skipping an easy chance to help out a local charity.

Change for Charity is one way in which Market Street is able to give back to the local community. This program allows them to partner with local organizations already making a difference in The Woodlands. Through the financial support of Change for Charity, Market Street donates to local non-profits helping them to meet worthy goals.

The nickels, dimes and quarters deposited into Market Street’s non-governmental parking meters raise money for Change for Charity. Each year, four non-profits are selected to represent a 3-month quarter and receive a percentage of the funds collected from the 68 parking meters. At the end of each quarter a check presentation is scheduled to bestow the donation.

Non-profits interested in
applying should note the following eligibility requirements:

  • Completed application, which includes information that will clarify the type of non-profit, level of need, and efficiency of operation.
  • The non-profit must be either local or a national organization with a local chapter that benefits Montgomery County.
  • The same non-profit will not be chosen in successive years.
  • The non-profit should not exist solely for the completion of a special project.
  • The non-profit must not be of a sexist, racist, or libelous nature.
  • The non-profit must furnish proof of tax-exempt status.

Change for Charity applications are accepted January through October preceding the award year and recipients are notified of their acceptance after January 1st. Interested organizations should download the application and fax to 281-419-4749 or email to jtaylor@trademarkproperty.com.

The Woodlands Car Club – Cars & Coffee for a Cause!

The Woodlands Car Club meets the first Sunday of each month at Market Street from 10 a.m. to noon, near Starbucks, between Jasper’s and Market Street Cinémark Theater in a continuing effort to provide a fun and creative way to give back to The Woodlands.

TWCC will be collecting coins/change for our donation to the Market Street “Change for Charities” program that will benefit non-profit organizations in Montgomery County. The car club chooses four recipients each year and presents a donation/presentation to one charity per quarter, along with the donation from Market Street’s collection from the parking meters.

For more information about TWCC Cars & Coffee for a Cause, or The Woodlands Car Club in general, please call Dana at 281.363.2977.

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