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Alspaugh’s Sterling Events

& Alspaugh’s Ace Hardware

Way More Than A Hardware Store in The Woodlands

Alspaugh's Sterling EventsThe Woodlands Business Spotlight

In 1986, Rick and Dorothy Alspaugh opened their first hardware store in Kingwood, Texas – Alspaugh’s True Value Hardware, which became Alspaugh’s Ace Hardware in 1996, just southeast of the Montgomery/Harris County line in Kingwood. Following years of success and with a small bit of serendipity, in 2012 the Alspaughs obtained their second Ace Hardware – Alspaugh’s Ace Hardware of The Woodlands – located at Woodlands Parkway and Kuykendahl Road at the boundary lines of the Villages of Indian Springs and Sterling Ridge. Building on the remarkably successful formula that is both a hardware store and a high-end, well-appointed gift boutique, all in one place – like its Kingwood successor, the Woodlands’ location offers an incredible, and eclectic range of products from home-improvement to gift shopping.

Not only can you find a wide range of products one would expect to find at most any hardware store, Alspaugh’s Ace Hardware offers all kinds of interesting and hard-to-find items the average homeowner may need without having to leave the neighborhood. And as an added benefit, not only can stopping in at the store save you the wait (and cost) of shipping one of those hard-to-find items from an online retailer – but you just might find something you didn’t even know you needed! Ladies, when was the last time that you actually enjoyed going to the hardware store with your husband? You might discover a new affinity for going to the hardware store, if you go to Alspaugh’s Hardware, that is. As you enter the store, let him go to the right, and you turn left. You will be amazed at the wealth of beautiful, and beautifying things you can find for yourself, your home or office, your friends and loved ones. We sat down with Rick and Dorothy, along with their B2B Specialist, Ruth Cotter, to get a better feel for everything that is, amazingly, under one roof.

The staff at Alspaugh’s Ace Hardware and Alspaugh’s Sterling Events all adhere to a culture of exemplary customer service, providing both a reflection and a projection of the owners’ high standards. Every employee at the store, with every transaction, attempts to exceed the customers’ expectations every time. Rick tells us that the Woodlands store is successful because of the management that is in place. Troy Blackmon, the store manager who has been at this Ace Hardware since 2008, knows every inch of the store from front to back, ensuring the high standards of customer service set by the owners. Rick and Dorothy split their time between their two locations, and it’s fairly common to see either of them out on the floor – whether that means mixing up some paint, wrapping up your gift selection, unloading a truck, or ringing up your purchase. Alspaugh’s is a family business, and a prime example of a true “Mom & Pop Shop.”

Adding to the hometown feel of Alspaugh’s stores is the amazing amount of charitable contributions the Alspaughs, their employees, and the Houston Ace Hardware Group as a whole, contribute to local schools, non-profits and charitable organizations of all kinds. They also support local Boy Scout troops, Texas Children’s Hospital through Children’s Miracle Network, and organizations like America’s Heroes First Foundation for wounded warriors; an organization employees at the store voluntarily donate to through automatic payroll deduction. In fact, the Houston Ace Hardware Group is most philanthropic in the nation, exhibiting yet another aspect of the Alspaugh’s philosophy of achieving excellence in everything.

Some of the products you might not expect to find at Alspaugh’s include items you’ll wonder how you went without once you’ve tried them. In one of the grilling and cooking accessories aisles, for example, there is a wide range of seasonings, sauces, and spices to zest up your next barbecue or gourmet kitchen feast. In the lawn & garden section of the store, which has grown to four times the size it was just three years ago, Alspaugh’s offers unique plants native to our area, and a plethora of garden accessories, as well as offering a variety of organic products for your garden. Plus, be sure to check out the BBQ Pit House for all things “Big Green Egg” kamado-style cookers, grills, smokers and pits.

Over in Alspaugh’s Sterling Events, there are upwards of 50 different product lines to browse and shop among, including Arthur Court, Beatriz Ball, Consuela, Gameday Boots, Kameleon, Lamp Berger, Lily and Laura, Natural Life, Pandora and Vera Bradley just to name a few. The Pandora collection at Alspaugh’s Sterling Events is second-to-none, so impressive in fact that Pandora’s founders have traveled from Denmark to admire it’s offering in such a unique setting – a hardware store. Alspaugh’s Vera Bradley collection has won multiple retailer awards from Vera Bradley. What makes Sterling Events better than any other boutique around The Woodlands? In a word – integrity. Between the two Alspaugh’s locations, the length of time in business and product knowledge is impressive, and vendors really appreciate their philosophy of business. All employees are fully and continuously trained with in-depth knowledge of each person’s particular area of the store, as well as cross-training for other product lines. Plus, there is always stock on hand, and if the item you’re looking for does happen to be out of stock, they can quickly get it from the manufacturer or via store transfer.

Perhaps even more impressive is how even if you’re looking for something Alspaugh’s happens to not normally have on hand, they can bring in just about anything you need. Adding to the convenient location and having so much under one roof, not only can you find something for everyone – including yourself! – but you can also gift wrap and ship your purchase right there in the store. At Alspaugh’s Ace Hardware in The Woodlands there is a full-service US Postal Service counter available, offering almost all the post office services you could get at a regular post office – though passport services and post office box rentals aren’t available at this location.

When asked what their favorite part of owning and operating the stores is, both Rick and Dorothy immediately offered the same answer, “the people.” For both of them, it’s the relationships with the customers, doing things with them and for them. And it’s having a great team to work with. When asked if they had anything else to add, Rick and Dorothy both expressed warm appreciation for their customers; “Thanks. Both to those that have just found us and those that keep coming back. It’s a two way relationship – customers support the business, and the business supports the community.”

We couldn’t agree more. Want to experience all that greatness yourself? What are you waiting for! Alspaugh’s Ace Hardware and Alspaugh’s Sterling Events is open seven days a week; Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Saturdays 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM, and Sundays 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM. Convenient to everyone in The Woodlands, Alspaugh’s the Woodlands is located at 10720 Kuykendahl Road, The Woodlands 77381. Give them a call at 832 482-3063, or find them online following the links above, and on Alspaugh’s Sterling Events’ Facebook page, Alspaugh’s Garden Center Facebook page, or Alspaugh’s Big Green Egg Shack Facebook page.

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