7th Annual The Woodlands Idol – Round 2

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Seventh Annual The Woodlands Idol

Preliminary Competitions – Round Two

Last Friday night brought us a whole lot of rain, along with the second preliminary of the seventh annual The Woodlands Idol competition. The weather didn’t seem to deter the contestants or their fans, however, as we had a record 29 people take the stage – and Crabby Daddy’s was packed!

Granted, the rain and the traffic did cause a little bit of a delay, as one of our judges, Kyle Hutton, was stuck out there in the mess. But it wasn’t much time at all before we got the ball rolling.

the woodlands idol second preliminary winners for 2013

This is what I get for complaining about those first three songs being slow in the first round. Karma, man. Out of 29 performances – twenty-nine – there were about 20 of them that were of the slower, ballad-esque variety. But at least what was lost in tempo was made up for in variety. Here are some of the songs we heard, in addition to those that moved on to semi-finals:

  • Maroon 5 – She Will Be Loved
  • Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You
  • Journey – Faithfully
  • Beyonce – If I Were A Boy
  • Adele – One And Only
  • Carrie Underwood – I Told You So
  • Carrie Underwood – So Small
  • Dixie Chicks – Cowboy Take Me Away
  • Motley Crüe – Home Sweet Home
  • Blake Shelton – Drink On It
  • Etta James – All I Could Do Is Cry
  • Engelbert Humperdinck – After The Loving
  • Carrie Underwood – See You Again
  • Kathy Mattea -Standing Knee Deep in a River (Dying of Thirst)

See? You thought I was kidding. No, but seriously – just like not many singers can build a career on all dance tunes, most everyone has to have at least one good ballad in their bag of tricks. So okay, no more whining from me – that’s not what you want to read about anyway. Let’s just get on with what all you missed if you weren’t there; or enjoyed right along with us if you were.

The first competitor to make it in to semi-finals was Chelsea Rollins (#1), who sang James Brown’s This Is A Man’s World, and frankly, I’m pretty sure anyone in the room would have been surprised if she didn’t get in. Clearly, Chelsea was comfortable with the song, comfortable with her abilities, and comfortable on the stage.

Then as far as judges’ picks were concerned, we had a bit of a dry spell, as they didn’t put another contestant through until Jordan Burmeister (#10), who, you may recall, I developed a bit of a soft spot for when she competed last year, making it all the way to finals. She did a great job with Sugarland’s “Stay”.

scott baker performing my best friend at the 7th annual woodlands idol preliminary

But smack-dab in between Chelsea and Jordan was Scott Baker (#4), who sweetly dedicated his performance of Tim McGraw’s “My Best Friend” to his wife, Angela. It’s purely a guess, but I’d be willing to bet that’s his blushing bride’s hand you see there holding up an iPad to record the performance. Though I thought I detected a time or two where Scott was a little off cue, odds are good that I was wrong (again, not really a country music fan, so…) and apparently others in the audience felt he did a good job, as he was selected as this round’s People’s Choice winner.

The next three judges picks all came in quick succession – first was Ashley Smith (#14), who sang Cece Williams’ “Alabaster Box,” then Sha Foy (#15), with Corinne Bailey Rae’s “Like A Star,” followed by Lovette Ellerbe (#16), singing Natalie Cole’s “Our Love.” Of the three, Lovette was my favorite, as she seemed to be most at ease on the stage and more importantly, genuinely enjoying the music. I wanted Sha’s performance to be my favorite, as “Like A Star” is one of my favorite songs. But I don’t know; I just didn’t feel Sha giving the lyrics the same passion I hear when listening to Corinne Bailey Rae. It could also be because I just automatically associate it with Grey’s Anatomy (Season 2, Episode 18 – “Yesterday”), which is when I first heard it way back in 2006. And there was always so much pain and heartbreak in season two… but I digress.

A few minutes later we got to the first deep, rich voice of the night, Nicholas Turk (#18), who did a great job with Jake Owen’s “Don’t Think I Can Love You.” I don’t know what it is about those deep voices, but man, they get me. Aaron Delbosque (#26) apparently changed his mind at the last minute about what song he wanted to do, but it was okay with me, as his new selection was Jason Mraz’ “I’m Yours.” I really enjoyed his performance, as did most of the audience, especially since he puts his own spin on it. He’s also comfortable on the stage, as this is his third year competing. Aaron was a semi-finalist two years’ back, and a preliminary winner last year. Last year’s 3rd Place Winner, Daryl Bullinger (#28) gamely took on Zack Brown Band’s “Colder Weather,” and did really well despite his telling me just after his performance he “had no voice” tonight (he blamed it on having been awake for the past 24 hours).

Finally, we had our “goosebump” event of the night. One, last minute entry was Gina Wagner (#29). Gina was the 2nd Place Winner in the 4th Annual The Woodlands Idol. But when the music first started up, my partner and I looked at each other and sighed. We immediately recognized the tune, because it seems to be a favorite each year with The Woodlands Idol contestants. But when Gina started in with Martina McBride’s “With A Broken Wing,” I don’t think anyone there – judges, contestants, friends, relatives and audience members alike – would deny she was, bar none, the best one yet doing it.

For pictures of the second preliminary event, check out our Facebook Album. Remember to come out and be a part of this amazing competition by attending the final rounds of preliminaries, and getting tickets to the semi-finals and finals coming up. Trust me, being there is a blast – even when the music is slow! ;-D

The third preliminary round of The Woodlands Idol is Friday, October 4 at Papa’s Ice House. This is the last night that is free to attend. The semi-finals on Friday, October 18 at Papa’s Ice House, and finals on Friday, November 1 at Mama J’s BBQ & Grill, are ticketed events. Tickets are only $10, and can be purchased at each of the preliminary events, at all of the Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce free business networking events (see our Event Calendar for dates and locations), at the Chamber offices of course, online, and finally, at the door. The sooner you get your tickets, though, the better, as space will be limited. For more information about The Woodlands Idol competition, check out our Woodlands Idol page or The Woodlands Idol official site.

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